Firewall iP is op dit moment de enige beveiligingsapplicatie in zijn soort met geavanceerde eigenschappen zoals WhoIs informatie achterhalen.

De volgende eigenschappen maakt Firewall iP tot wat het is:

  • Blokkeer uitgaande TCP & UDP connecties naar voorkeur
  • Laat de hostnaam zien voor de connectie en WhoIs informatie
  • Blokkeer connecties van applicaties als je op het telefoon netwerk zit
  • Blokkeer providers die statistieken verzamelen
  • Blokkeer onnodige inhoud

Firewall iP is geupdate naar v2.0 en komt met een grote lijst aan veranderingen, in het Engels:

  • full IPv6 support (be advised that many Internet Service Providers don’t even support IPv6 yet, so if you aren’t able to access a IPv6 only server, it’s not FiP’s fault )
  • all new rules are being saved with date and time. Now you can look up which rules you created last
  • totally new way of showing the popup.
  • redesigned popup
  • Option to have the Deny Tab in front (Settings in the GUI)
  • a field on the PoPup which shows the url (TCP) or the data packet (UDP) (if possible)
  • if the hostname has more than 2 parts (more than, when you tap on the selector for “normal, *, and *.” you’ll be able to select parts of the hostname the rule will apply to
  • Option to Import/Export FiP settings (one file) so you can easily backup your stuff (Settings in the GUI)
  • support for port ranges
  • many other enhancements and fixes
  • GameCenter support: added support for the game center daemon (a process which runs in the background). You’ll have to REBOOT your device after installation to enable this (Saurik will fix that in a future MobileSubstrate update). IMPORTANT: because game center is actually an own progress which runs in the background and starts running when a game needs it, rules applied to the Game Center Daemon will affect all apps. You can use allow/deny (all) session to make changes for every game.

Firewall iP is beschikbaar voor $2,99 in de Cydia Store via de BigBoss repo.

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